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Regional Offices: Localized Support and Resources

Connecting with Professionals and Communities in Key Locations Worldwide

At, we understand the importance of providing localized support and resources to professionals in different regions across the globe. Our regional offices play a crucial role in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by professionals in their respective locations. This page offers an overview of our regional offices, highlights their key initiatives and programs, and provides contact information to help you connect with the office nearest you.

Our Regional Offices operates regional offices in key locations worldwide, including:

  1. North America
  2. Latin America & the Caribbean
  3. Europe
  4. Asia & the Pacific
  5. Africa & the Middle East

Each regional office is staffed with a dedicated team of professionals (up to 25 persons at any one point in time) who work closely with local stakeholders, such as government agencies, educational institutions, and employers, to develop targeted programs and initiatives that address the specific needs of their communities.

During COVID-19, these offices may operate virtually and the team member(s) may be remote. As the pandemic situation changes, our operations may change as well.

Key Initiatives and Programs

Our regional offices undertake a range of initiatives and programs tailored to the needs of their respective regions. Some examples of these initiatives include:

  1. Localized career resources and guides, addressing region-specific challenges and opportunities in the job market.
  2. Workshops and training programs to enhance skill development and employability.
  3. Networking events and career fairs to connect professionals with potential employers and industry contacts.
  4. Collaboration with local educational institutions to develop industry-relevant curricula and career support services.
  5. Partnerships with government agencies and industry associations to advocate for policies and initiatives that support professional growth and development.

Connecting with Our Regional Offices

If you are interested in learning more about the services and resources provided by our regional offices or wish to connect with the office nearest you, please contact us with the name of the individual office.

Collaborate and Thrive

We encourage you to engage with our regional offices and take advantage of the localized support and resources they provide. By connecting with professionals and organizations in your region, you can gain valuable insights, discover new opportunities, and contribute to the growth and success of your local community.